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Ursulas Coxhead's explanation of the flawed criteria for diagnosing Adhesive Arachnoiditis used to assess sufferer's eligibility to proceed with their litigation:

The criteria used for litigation was flawed. They demanded that one had to have a.A. over two levels of discs. They never looked at if it was Arachnoiditis or adhesive Arachnoiditis. If one had a operation the a.A. had to be over and above the site of the operarion. If it was on the site of the operation it wasn’t caused by Myodil. It actually had to be above and below the site of the operation. So how could all the claimants possibly match these crooked rules. If they where honest all they had to do was distinguish if it was adhesive Arachnoiditis or focal Arachnoiditis. An operation can cause Arachnoiditis but not adhesive Arachnoditis.